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Health, Safety, Safeguarding and Domestic Violence

Policy 2020


We will, so far as is reasonably practicable, provide safe and healthy conditions, equipment and systems for all our volunteers, and casual labour. This includes any information, training and supervision as they need (to be attended and applied as required).

We will, so far as is reasonably practicable, aim to ensure the health safety and welfare of all members of the congregation, contractors, visitors and others visiting the church, churchyard and associated buildings.

The allocation of duties and particular arrangements to this end are set out below. This local policy should be read alongside national law and guidance and Diocesan policies to which it is subject. It will be kept up to date in the light of changes to buildings or activities. The policy, the way it is operated and appropriate changes will be reviewed annually by the Benefice Meeting.


The Rural Dean, Revd Sarah Hillman has overall responsibility for health and safety across the Benefice. She will ensure arrangements are in place to satisfy regulations and Codes of Practice.

Responsibility to ensure arrangements are carried out and updated is with the Churchwardens

Broadmayne: Tim Clayton

Holworth: David Williams

Owermoigne: Philippa Bush

Warmwell: Sam Ross Skinner

West Knighton: Lesley Stubbing

Each Parochial Church Council has general responsibility to implement this policy in their parish; ensuring:

- safe systems of work are in place

- equipment, and training are provided and used

- all property is in good order including access and egress

- food hygiene regulations and procedures are observed

- wider welfare standards are upheld

Vacancy, the Benefice Health and Safety Contact, shall remain familiar with this policy and shall assist the Church Wardens in their understanding of, and compliance with it.

All have a responsibility to co-operate in the implementation of this policy and to take reasonable care of themselves and others on church business and property. So they must:

- comply with rules, instructions and procedures and use any

necessary protective clothing and equipment

- report any faults, accidents, near misses or other hazards as soon

as possible.

- report any disclosures to the Rector, Benefice or Diocesan Safeguarding



1) First Aid provision will be supported by appropriate

- deployment and siting of First Aiders and Kits, Accident books, HSE


- publicity and promotion of location, stocking, training, identity, recording

and reporting

2) Fire Extinguishers, by type, will be appropriately

- located, identified, and maintained

3) Evacuation will be enabled by timely and appropriate

- opening, marking, and stewarding of doors,

- operation of extinguishers, lighting and torches

- announcements, assembly, and contacting emergency services

4) Electrics including lighting will be kept safe through

- Pre-use inspections, annual portable electrical testing, 2.5 yearly

lightning conductor testing, and five yearly fixed equipment tests

5) Condition of Buildings and Churchyards especially floors, steps, and

glazing will be subject from continual monitoring maintenance and repair

- wildlife and then the amenity value will be taken into account

6) Food Preparation will be subject to

- hygienic supply and sale

- knowledge of critical steps in preparation and serving

- establishment, maintenance and review of controls

7) Use of Hazardous Substances will be controlled and reduced by

substituting for safer alternatives, listing, labelling and safe storage.

8) Plant and Machinery

- must be in good condition, used correctly, and not without access to help

9) Personal Safety

- manual handling will be minimised, assessed and supported by

equipment and training

- no working at high levels other than by approved contractors

- lone working including travel, hospitality and handling cash and

valuables will be assessed and controlled

- risk will be managed for activities including fêtes and outings, choirs and


10) Contractors will need

- Health and Safety Policy and Public and Employers Liability insurance

- to comply with this policy and co-operate with officials

- to provide sate site, systems, plant, machinery and clothing

- sub-contracting is by permission only

- permits to work that specify area and extent of work and precautions

11) Safeguarding

- Our Benefice Safeguarding Officer is: Carol Wightman 01305 854385 or bandc6@outlook.com.

- We will be alert to concerning behaviour and disclosures of

emotional, physical, neglect, financial, institutional & sexual abuse

- We will listen, record and report to the Diocesan Advisors: Suzy fletcher or Jem Carter, 01722 411922 or safeguarding@salisbury.anglican.org

- We will apply Safer Recruitment good practice: maintaining job roles,

'interviewing', seeking references and complying with the law on both

Disclosure and Barring Service certificates and recruiting ex-offenders

- Unless asked not to, or where under court order, photographs or

video may be taken. Notices will be displayed in churches and at events.

All children, young people or adults at risk will be appropriately dressed

and not identifiable.

- All social media contact is to be public and official

- Visits by people on their own to vulnerable people will be entered in

diaries alongside any special notes on any concerns, which will be

reported as appropriate

12) Attitude and Action in Relation to Domestic Abuse

- make clear such abuse is not acceptable and challenge inappropriate


- provide a welcoming and safe environment for the vulnerable and


- with Safeguarding Officer, encourage and support informed action to find

safety and help and assist statutory bodies undertaking investigations

13) Prevent Radicalization

We will notice signs of vulnerability and their context, checking them and

sharing them with the Safeguarding Officer engaging with, and referring

to, other external agencies as appropriate

14) Abuse, bullying and harassment will not be tolerated with complaints being taken seriously and thoroughly investigated with discretion

The local Environmental Health Department is: Public Health West Dorset

env.health@westdorset-weymouth.gov.uk 01305 251010