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  • Broadmayne
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Subject to Corona virus restrictions we welcome applications for Christenings. 

May I Have a Child or Grandchild Christened Here?

Yes. The Benefice Office welcomes, and deals with, requests for Baptisms. We'll need to know the parents' names, jobs, and address, and when the child was born. You'll need to give us the names of at least two Baptised Godparents, at least one of whom should be a practising Christian. These details will be taken so the Baptism can be arranged, registered and followed up (perhaps a visit or an anniversary card). These services usually take place in a Family friendly version of the main monthly 10 am Sunday Holy Communion at your chosen church. There is no charge, but we would welcome any donations.

What Other Options are There?

Full-immersion and adult Baptism is also offered as is 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child', which does not carry the implications of Christian initiation.Jack Baptism

Will I Need to do a Course Beforehand?

Preparation will include meeting to consider any plans or options and to read through the service. This is important as you may need to consider whether you or the Godparents are ready in all conscience to make certain significant vows on behalf of the child. We offer an introduction to Christianity using the six session CPAS 'Start!' course to groups of parents, Godparents and other candidates (at no cost).

What Help is There for Bringing the Child up as a Christian?

Prayers for the Baptised are offered in our services. We encourage full participation in the life of the church for all taking this step. Broadmayne run a Bumps, Babies and Beyond club on Mondays and Fridays, an after school club on Fridays and holiday workshops. Owermoigne hold suitable events occasionally. These and other points of contact will be important for you and the Godparents in bringing the child up ready for Confirmation. This is when they answer for themselves as soon as they choose to.